About MyCommute

The MyCommute programme has been developed through a recognition that the journey to and from work for many forms a significant part of the working day.

Not only that, the journeys we make also cost money, have a significant impact upon the environment, and can even affect our productivity at work.

Through MyCommute we hope to ensure that everyone is fully aware of the range of travel options available to them, and that where possible the company can support staff in travelling in the most sustainable way.

What are the benefits of the MyCommute programme?

It helps reduce our impact on the environment: The Bank is committed to managing and reducing where possible the impact our operations have on the local environment. Whilst you might not realise it the commute to and from work is actually one of the biggest generators of carbon and we want to ensure we assist you to make informed travel choices to minimise this.

Just to give you an example the carbon produced by staff commuting to Chester site alone last year amounted to 9,705 tonnes of CO2…the same as is produced powering 24,262 light bulbs 24 hours a day for a full year!!!

By encouraging and supporting our staff to travel by the most sustainable mode of transport possible we hope to reduce our environmental impact over the coming years.

It can help save you money: Travelling by sustainable modes of travel can often be significantly cheaper than coming to work by car….if you cycle or walk it’s almost free (save for equipment and the odd puncture repair).

With discounted ticketing available on public transport to many sites you might find it is cheaper and often just as convenient to travel by public transport to work. Visit the information pages for your place of work for more information on the public transport options and tickets for your commute!

Active travel options are good for your health: Walking and cycling to work, even if it’s just once a week, can make a significant difference to your health and fitness. Did you know that walking for 30 minutes a day could halve the risk of heart disease?

What’s more walking or cycling to work means you are not at the mercy of traffic congestion or a train that is running late.

With showers, changing facilities and cycle storage at all of our sites, many of the barriers to walking and cycling are removed so if you live nearby why not give it a go!

It helps us to manage our sites: The day to day operational issues associated with providing car parking is significant. Add to this lots of people coming onto sites at the same time we often contribute to, and suffer from, congestion at peak times.

What’s more at some sites demand for parking is greater than the number of spaces available. Whilst in an ideal world we’d just create more spaces this approach isn’t sustainable and in most cases wouldn’t be allowed by the local council.

It helps to reduce local congestion: The bank recognises that congestion in local areas can be frustrating and time consuming to our staff. We also recognise that we are part of the problem in the first place. Many road networks operate at almost capacity meaning that the slightest issue can cause major traffic congestion.

Did you know that during the summer holidays traffic levels reduce by around 7%….but you’ll probably notice roads are much quieter. If everyone left their car at home once a fortnight we’d achieve the same reduction in traffic levels….if 1 person in every 10 stopped commuting by car altogether the impact would be massive.

The MyCommute programme is aimed at achieving this reduction in car use through encouraging and supporting staff to travel by the most sustainable form of transport they can.