Essential Guide: Cycling to Camberley

Cycling is rapidly growing in popularity, and through the CV19 pandemic became an essential travel option for many people. Cycling has always, however, been a great way to travel to work for those able to do so. It offers many personal benefits, such as improved health and cost savings. It also offers significant benefit to the environment and local community, helping to take cars off the road, reducing pollution and reducing congestion.

The MyCommute team have produced an Active Travel Guide for the Camberley office, which you can download on the resources page. Below you’ll find a few of our top tips to help you get started with a pedal-powered commute!

Let’s start with the bike!

One of the great things about cycling is that as long as you have a bike in good working condition, you are good to go!

Many people already have a bike, which may be used for leisure cycling, or even stuck at the bottom of the garden shed. All you need to do is dust it off and you are ready to go. If your bike is in need of some TLC, see our various pieces of advice on bike maintenance to get yourself back on the road, or keep an eye out for one of our regular Dr. Bike sessions.

If you need a new bike, it is worth considering what type may suit you best. There are a range of bike types available, including folding bikes, hybrid bikes, road bikes, and even e-bikes. Take a look at our handy commuter bike buying advice.  The Bank also has a Cycle to Work scheme which allows you to save some serious cash when it comes to buying a new bike, through a salary sacrifice arrangement. If the Cycle to Work option isn’t for you, check out our MyCommute Benefits, with discounts available on the cost of a new bike.

And don’t forget, a new bike doesn’t have to be ‘new’. There are loads of perfectly good second hand bikes available to buy, some of which may have been recycled through a local community cycling company. Check out our top tips on buying a second hand bike.

Facilities on Site

There have always been cycle racks and lockers at Camberley we are planning to add even more! With shower facilities and secure storage we have it covered!

How do I carry my stuff?

If your bike has a rack, you can choose a pannier and let the bike do all of the heavy lifting for you. This also helps balance out any weight, making it easier, especially for inexperienced cyclists.

If you don’t have a rack or would prefer to carry things on your back, any old backpack could do. But it may be worth investing in a specialist backpack, to minimise weight, keep things dry, ensure you are seen and avoid a sweaty back. Check out the range of backpacks available from Halfords as a starting point.

What if it’s raining?

It would be ideal if everyday was sunny and warm… but we all know that isn’t a reality unfortunately. That doesn’t have to stop you cycling to work, however. The best advice is to be prepared. Could you have some dry clothes waiting for you at work, and have you checked out the shower and drying facilities? Arriving may not be as bad as you think!

You can also make yourself much more comfortable on the cycle to work by investing in some suitable kit. Mudguards are a great starting point to help keep you dry and clean!

Picking a route

In Surrey we are really lucky to have an extensive network of cycle routes, some on road and some separate from the traffic. Whether you are a seasoned cyclist who likes quieter streets or new to commuting by bike and want to use the network of Cycle Superhighways there is something for everyone. Visit our post on planning a journey to Camberley by bike for more information and links to further useful resources!

Addition Information and Support

If you need any more help or assistance in planning your commute, please get in touch with the MyCommute team. We can provide you with a Personalised Journey Plan to highlight all your travel options, just visit our contact page to find out more.