EV Charging @ Camberley

As more people switch to electric and hybrid vehicles, we are committed to supporting and encouraging their use. 

There are 6 EV charging points at the Camberley site.  Access to the charging points is free and without a need to preregister – simply plug and charge!

We do ask, however, that once your car is charged up, or if there are others waiting to make use of them, you limit the amount of time you charge up to then move your car to another available space on site.

You can download guides to using the charging points by following the links below.

Problems & Further Information

A red-light flashing indicates a fault has occurred. If there is a fault with the charge-points, please inform the security team on reception and contact Pod Point Customer Services:

Telephone: 03330 063 503
E-mail: support@pod-point.com
Web: pod-point.com

In the case of a persistent problem get in touch with the MyCommute team: